Foothills Series

Foothill Series

Truly have a home in the Foothills! Above the Village Town Center along Goldenridge are two-story homes with walk-out basements, also known as daylight basements. With this higher elevation comes expansive views, larger lots, and greater flexibility to design a home for the entire family. When you tell people you live in the Boise Foothills, they will not believe how right you are!

  • Lot Size Approximately 1/6th to 1/4th  Acre
  • Homes 2,217 to 2,884 sqft
  • Features Walk-out basements, Panoramic Views, Many Lots built on hillside overlooking Community



  • Features Two Levels | 2,998 Sq. Ft. | 4 Bedroom | 3 Bath
  • Base Price $446,800  
  • Flex Options Luxury master quite 5th bedroom, office, extended decks


  • Features Two Levels | 2519 Sq. Ft. | 3 Bedroom | 2.5 Bath
  • Base Price $418,400
  • Flex Options include 3rd garage, 4th or 5th bedroom w/added bath, extended deck


  • Features Two Levels | 2,685 | 3 Bedroom | 2.5 Bath
  • Base Price $440,700
  • Flex Options include private guest quarters, 4th bedroom w/ 3rd bath

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