Hillside Series

Hillside Series

Nestled into the beautiful foothills of Avimor is the newest home series: "The Hillside Series." These innovative homes are grade adaptive with a lower level garage connected to a basement area. The upper level is the main living space. It is open, spacious, and comes with panoramic views of Avimor

  • Lot Size 
  • Homes 2,425 to 2,743 sqft
  • Features Lots located on hillside with panoramic views. Two-level homes with large tandem garage. Many flex options.


Pinyon Pine

  • Features Two Level | 2743 Sq. Ft. | 3 Bedroom | Bonus Room | 3 Bath | 4-Car Garage Tandem
  • Base Price $427,800
  • Flex Options Workshop/storage, front balcony/smart space, multi-gen suite, alternate upper floor

Autumn Blaze

  • Features Two Level | 2,425 Sq. Ft. | 3 Bedroom | Bonus Room | 3 Bath | 4-Car Tandem Garage
  • Base Price $413,600
  • Flex Options Workshop/storage, multi-gen suite, smart space, covered patio

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